Easter Eggcitment!!

Hey All!

So I was flicking through my photos of last year (got NO idea why, lol) and I found these cupcakes i made last year for Easter! Aren’t they cute?! I’ve made some different styled Easter cupcakes this year as well, so I’ll try to find a picture of those too.

Happy Good Friday!


And yes, the green funky-looking stuff the bunnies are sitting on is icing πŸ˜›


5 thoughts on “Easter Eggcitment!!

    1. kmcupcake Post author

      Hi Charlotte! cute blog!
      I made the bunnies by making small sugar cookies and dipping them in pink candy melts (colourful chocolate).
      I then let the candy melts thicken a bit by letting them sit, and put the chocolate in a piping bag and piped out bunny heads onto waxed paper.
      attach with icing when cool.
      also, to thin the chocolate, add a little unflavoured oil to the melted candy πŸ™‚


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