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Understanding Fangirls 101

My name is Kate, and I am taking a stand for the Fangirls.

If you don’t know what a fangirl is, then read on.

Fangirls are teenage girls who get really over excited about a certain subject. the subject is usually a band, book series or tv show. When I say really excited, I mean really excited. Fangirling usually destroys your social life, which is replaced with multiple blogs, Instagram accounts, and time spent online. Being a fangirl is a full time job and takes over your life. And before you sigh and think “oh my god, why do girls want this? do they really want to become a recluse and have Harry Potter ruin their adolescence?” let me tell you something. We never asked for any of this. Yup, its true: I am also a self-proclaimed fangirl!


so, let me start you off with the basics: the Language of the Fangirl. there is pretty much an entire language that comes with being a fangirl, so if you don’t understand it, here are some of the most common phrases and words of the Fangirl.

OMG I CANT EVEN is typically used when something big has gone on in the fandom, like an event, hot picture, or gif. it is used to describe the feelz which have taken over one self.

FEELZ used to describe the emotions which one is experiencing. these emotions can be good OR bad. e.g: “omg when I read the end of The Fault in our Stars I just about died from the feelz”

FANDOM is the name to represent things that you are a fan of. for example, if you like Harry Potter, you become part of the fandom community. Fandoms are great; they are like an online community. however, some fandoms are really against each other, like the 1D and 5SOS fandoms. there is a particular issue which has been circulating around Twitter to do with these fandoms, which I will address later in another post.

asdfghjk complete utter shock, feelz and thoughts about something

EXCUSE ME WHILE I THROW MYSELF OFF A BRIDGE don’t worry! this just represents the feelz one is going through at the present time. for example: *sees picture of Harry Styles hugging a baby* EXCUSE ME WHILE I THROW MYSELF OFF A BRIDGE

can you not means completely the opposite. yet again describes the feelz. usually used after seen a cute, hot or amazing edit or poem related to one’s fandom. the girl does not want them to stop what they are doing.

WHAT IS THIS means that you are having problems describing the current situation because you are taken over with emotions.

fanfiction you do not want to know. seriously. if anyone ever mentions it to you, get up and run for the hills

shipping shipping is wanting two people to be together in a romantic relationship. the people involved In the ship can be straight, gay, or thought of as gay, like “Larry Stylinson”. if you don’t know what that is, I suggest you run and never get involved. half of the 1D fandom believe in this ship more than they believe in Jesus. other examples: Romione (Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley) Fourtris (four and Breatrice Prior) and Drapple (Draco Malfoy and an apple.. don’t ask)

Fangirling experiencing any of the words above that involve messing with emotions

Fanboys the same thing as fangirls, but boys. they are a very rare species, so if found out, we will find you.

OTP means One True Pairing. pretty much the same as shipping.


Fangirls are humans, like us, but we are socially messed up. right now would be the perfect example: instead of being social, I am sitting in my bed, drinking a hot chocolate, scrolling through tumblr and writing this post. anyway, fangirls are typically found in there bedrooms, surrounded by their laptop, phone, food and books. word of advice: DO NOT TOUCH THE BOOKS. THEY ARE SACRED. Fangirls can also be found 24/7 lurking in the depths of the internet and tumblr, running fan blogs and Twitter stalking.

At a first glance, the life of a fangirl is very depressing. we typically don’t get out much, we stay in our rooms, we love junk food, have terrible social skills and have screwed up emotions. but as you get deeper into our lives, you realise its not that bad. sure, i’m socially screwed. my emotions have turned me into a train wreck. Most of my friends are online ones, spread out across the world. but guess what? I love every minute of it.

kate xox



Am I an Introvert? when I googled this word, the definition was “a shy, recluse person”.

Am I an Extrovert? the internet classifies that word as “an outgoing, socially confident person”.

do I have a stereotypical personality?

As a first thought, I would consider myself as an introvert. To me, as sad as this sounds, I think one of the best things in the world is curling up in my bed with my laptop on a Friday night, scrolling through tumblr, Instagram and web surfing. I really enjoy spending my free time relaxing on my laptop, with Spotify playing; causing me to find new music and artists which I end up loving. This, however, has lead me to develop a very severe case of FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out. I started to develop FOMO when I joined Instagram earlier this year. I seemed, and still seems, as if everyone is always out with there friends or boyfriends; going to movies, the mall, hanging at the “hipster” part of my city. I felt like my life wasn’t enough; was there something wrong with me? wasn’t I being social enough? I am a very busy person, and school doesn’t make that any easier; this year has been a big change for me and there is a never ending stream of homework and projects running into my life all at once, even during the holidays. My workload seems to consume me. I became depressed whilst scrolling through my feed. I think that FOMO is being constantly developed by social media users like myself, because we feel like our lives aren’t enough. This is one of the worst things about the internet.

But to be honest, I do enjoy going out with my friends, having a laugh, getting a Starbucks, etc. all those sorts of things people my age like doing. being social is great: one of the best sounds in the world is a buzz of people chattering and laughing. I enjoy going to markets with my friends. I love being around people, usually. note the word usually. Being lonely absolutely sucks.Unfortunately, I feel this a bit. But sometimes when everything gets too much, lets face it: There is nothing more comforting than a hot chocolate, blankets and the Web.

So am I an Introvert or Extrovert?

I am neither.

kate xox