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Am I an Introvert? when I googled this word, the definition was “a shy, recluse person”.

Am I an Extrovert? the internet classifies that word as “an outgoing, socially confident person”.

do I have a stereotypical personality?

As a first thought, I would consider myself as an introvert. To me, as sad as this sounds, I think one of the best things in the world is curling up in my bed with my laptop on a Friday night, scrolling through tumblr, Instagram and web surfing. I really enjoy spending my free time relaxing on my laptop, with Spotify playing; causing me to find new music and artists which I end up loving. This, however, has lead me to develop a very severe case of FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out. I started to develop FOMO when I joined Instagram earlier this year. I seemed, and still seems, as if everyone is always out with there friends or boyfriends; going to movies, the mall, hanging at the “hipster” part of my city. I felt like my life wasn’t enough; was there something wrong with me? wasn’t I being social enough? I am a very busy person, and school doesn’t make that any easier; this year has been a big change for me and there is a never ending stream of homework and projects running into my life all at once, even during the holidays. My workload seems to consume me. I became depressed whilst scrolling through my feed. I think that FOMO is being constantly developed by social media users like myself, because we feel like our lives aren’t enough. This is one of the worst things about the internet.

But to be honest, I do enjoy going out with my friends, having a laugh, getting a Starbucks, etc. all those sorts of things people my age like doing. being social is great: one of the best sounds in the world is a buzz of people chattering and laughing. I enjoy going to markets with my friends. I love being around people, usually. note the word usually. Being lonely absolutely sucks.Unfortunately, I feel this a bit. But sometimes when everything gets too much, lets face it: There is nothing more comforting than a hot chocolate, blankets and the Web.

So am I an Introvert or Extrovert?

I am neither.

kate xox