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a reaction to the Sydney Siege

I don’t think we truly understand the reality of war until ourselves, someone we know or a place near is affected by it.

Sure we see it on the news. We feel sorry for them, but then we put them, the humans being murdered and denied of their rights by barbaric bastards, at the back of our minds.

It is the most barbaric acts in the world; killing innocent human beings because they don’t agree with people, or have different opinions on religion, etc. it is evil.

From a young age we are taught to be polite, forgive others, and be kind. Somewhere along the line some of these caring children grow into different characters, whether influenced by their community, country or government, and turn into murderers. AKA, terrorists.

Terrorists have turned our reasonably peaceful world into a field of active landmines, just because they can’t get their own way.

Isis is destroying our world, our freedom to live, our safety and our trust.

It is truly evil and disgusting what they continue doing, like the Sydney siege.

People have already lost their freedom in many countries, and I sadly can’t see it stopping anytime soon.

After hearing about the Sydney siege I have realised the majority of unrest in the world today, and it fucking terrifies me. Where will this be in 10 years? 20 years? It seems to have no end.

I have to go into town tomorrow. I don’t want to, I’m scared. My dad works in the heart of the city. I have a feeling that I will now be constantly fearing for his safety.

Some people are truly unbelievable