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for the last few nights I have gotten into the habit of staying up until 2 in the morning on Youtube, tumblr and just aimlessly browsing the internet. through this time of stupidness I have noticed that there has been a fly sitting on my wall, occasionally buzzing obnoxiously and scaring the crap out of me. but tHIS FREAKING FLY HAS BEEN PLOTTING MY DEATH.

other each night that fly will scooch a little closer to me, which I haven’t really noticed until yesterday I woke up with that fly on my lip. ITS TRYING TO KILL MEE

I guess you could say i’m be over-dramatic, but this damn fly is plotting to kill me. I can see it in its eyes…

i’m actually being serious here. that fly is surprisingly smart or my brain is fried from using my laptop too much.

hmm, watevs